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Overhyped And Overpriced.

Overhyped And Overpriced.

Overhyped and Overpriced.
1. Design - An eye-catching boxy look, kind of mini wrangler.
2. 18inch allow wheels with better ground clearance. I am expecting to change the lane by driving over the road dividers in case the U-turn is more than 1km.
3. As the city streets are no different than off-road streets these days with millions of potholes here and there, Thar serves the purpose of my daily off-roading dreams.
4. Good for a small family or use it as a second car.
1. Overpriced: Either M&M didn't conduct price sensitivity testing among the potential buyers to identify the right pricing model, or they assumed that they are going to sell limited units, so why not at a premium cost. Those who wanna buy will buy anyhow.
2. M&M isn't aware of the new segment apart from those who buy Thar for off-road only - Regular office goers who want to use Thar as their daily car or a second car for a family outing during the weekends.
3. So many loose wires here such as the glass defrost at the back
4. There is no boot space officially. Even Tata Nano had better boot space
1. Eventually, the buyers would curse Thar designers when they are over with the looks of Thar and start facing real issues
2. Bring down the cost of LX MT 4 seater to 12 lakh on-road. Don't make the buyer considering better alternatives available after 15lk such as Nexon, Harrier, Hector, Seltos, and so forth.

വഴി ഉപയോക്താവ്
On: ഒക്ടോബർ 03, 2020 | 8109 Views
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dr devanjan
Oct 5, 2020 2:04:49 PM

Every buyer in India will agree that the price should be less! But what I’m attracted to is the power train. It won’t be comfortable as Seltos or Harrier. But it does have a better engine.

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    amit singh
    Oct 5, 2020 12:01:46 PM

    Just check the cc of other cars and how much it cost and compare with thar

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    bexter raj
    Oct 5, 2020 1:47:03 PM

    You should buy force trax toofan if u want value for money with big boot space it have even have abundant space inside and out maybe that what u want .

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      bibin biju
      Oct 5, 2020 9:09:38 AM

      The verdict never gone real offroad. And knows how an offroad drive should be. Does the nexon or the seltos or any other in this price range has a 4x4 think before commenting.

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        • Love You

           The car was too good. The design was good for a Jeep. Powerful engine. 

          വഴി jitender
          On: Apr 16, 2021 | 155 Views
        • Looking Cool.

          Riding comfort is good. One of the best SUVs in India, but still got to provide better rear seats. Could've used better AC. Engine performance is excellent.

          വഴി adv sajinair nair
          On: Apr 12, 2021 | 110 Views
        • Mahindra Thar

          Very nice car. It gives the best comfort on the highway as well as off-roading. Nice and classic looks Must be recommended

          വഴി anonymous gamingpro
          On: Apr 01, 2021 | 398 Views
        • Most Famous Car

          According to my point of view, Mahindra Thar is one of the most famous car in India. Mahindra Thar is my first choice to buy.

          വഴി bushan sharma
          On: Feb 03, 2021 | 145 Views
        • BEST CAR


          വഴി user
          On: Feb 03, 2021 | 66 Views
        • Explore The Unachievable

          Thar is off roading vehicle so it is not that comfort but looks and sounds great and power which is unbelievable.

          വഴി ritan priya mishra
          On: Feb 02, 2021 | 89 Views
        • Thar Need To Improve

          Thar, it's good. A lot of changes have to be done. 1) Finishing not up to the mark still to be done. 2) Glove box we can't keep anything what's the use even can...കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

          വഴി krishnachaitanya
          On: Feb 01, 2021 | 2048 Views
        • A Dysfunctional Vehicle For Just To Show Off

          This is not a car but Mahindra has provided its own modified version of Thar adding some comfort features but it is still far behind, the matter of fact that other Compac...കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

          വഴി anonymous
          On: Jan 27, 2021 | 2544 Views
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