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ടൊയോറ്റ ഇന്നോവ - Reliable, Trustworthy ഒപ്പം VFM

Toyota Innova - Reliable, Trustworthy and VFM

Last year we were looking for a reliable 7-seater car for our family and ended up with the top-end Innova. We all know if reliability is in question then there is no other option than the bullet-proof Toyota Innova. This vehicle has proved its reliability over time since it was almost over a decade old. Tata Aria being its true competitor lacks in a few major factors despite being loaded to the brim with stuffs like 6-airbgas and majorly the 4WD setup. Things like reliability, longevity are alien concepts to Tata along with a not so good after sales. Coming back to the Innova, overtime Toyota has incorporated plenty of goodies to keep the Innova running. But a lot of things appear out of the place in its dashboard which looks like it came from a 90's car. To start with, the touchscreen is totally poor including the rear view camera (there are no guidelines). And everything looks out of the way, the automatic AC has 'deathly' green backlit while the instrument cluster has blue and white one. How on earth you can have different backlits in various interior elements. Talking about the refinement, the moment you crank it up the gearshift shakes like nothing on earth it continues to do so while the vehicle is driven around. In a nutshell, if you want a comfortable people mover and will be chauffeur driven then look no further. The sheer comfort it offers when you're not driving it is unmatched in its class of vehicles. But now you have to buy it from the used car market or else go for the new Crysta, which is in a league of its own!

വഴി indira
On: മെയ് 11, 2016 | 1758 Views
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shivaprasad biradar
Apr 3, 2021 6:32:48 AM

How is the performance of innova 2015 z model . Driven 146000. Yesterday i purchased by 13 lacks. Wheather it will give good milage or not and the engine cc also

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      വഴി indira
      On: May 11, 2016 | 1758 Views
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      വഴി shyam yadav
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      വഴി jitesh mhatre
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      വഴി ishaan mahajan
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