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ഹുണ്ടായി സാൻറോ ഉപയോക്തൃ അവലോകനങ്ങൾ

Hyundai Santro
468 അവലോകനങ്ങൾ
Rs. 4.57 - 6.25 ലക്ഷം *
*എക്സ്ഷോറൂം വില in ന്യൂ ഡെൽഹി
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ഹുണ്ടായി സാൻറോ ഉപയോക്തൃ അവലോകനങ്ങൾ

  • All (468)
  • Mileage (110)
  • Performance (66)
  • Looks (86)
  • Comfort (122)
  • Engine (95)
  • Interior (72)
  • Power (66)
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  • സഹായകമാണ്
  • Best One Family Car

    Superb family car. I purchased the new era model in Jan 2019. Very smooth driving and powerful AC. space vice no comparison with another car. The engine is so powerful.

    വഴി mukesh darji
    On: Apr 05, 2019 | 179 Views
  • Santro the best family car at low cost

    Nice feature, touch display super, nice Bluetooth connection, the best family car.

    വഴി rayala kalyan raj
    On: Apr 04, 2019 | 74 Views
  • Pretty good family car with few cons

    It's been only one month I have driven Santro Magna petrol and have come across following pros and cons. Pros: 1. Spacious interiors with rear AC vent 2. Easy to manoeuvre. 3. Easy gear shifts. 4. Powerful A.C. 5. Easily accommodates 5 people on rear seats. 6. Comfortable to drive than Maruti swift. Cons: 1. Power lag between 2nd and 3rd gear. Engi...കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

    വഴി sumeet
    On: Mar 30, 2019 | 668 Views
  • Alloy wheels and engine CC

    Everything good, but in the top model have no alloy wheel. If so that's better looks and also engine CC has low. If upgrading the power that's better in this variant. The infotainment system is excellent. Bass unbeatable. കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

    വഴി sengkhan raksam rehma marakverified Verified Buyer
    On: Mar 29, 2019 | 64 Views
  • My Views For New Santro

    Amazing car !!! Silent cabin, no engine sound, tall boy car. Are you searching for a family car? it is a better option for you, I love my Hyundai Santro Sportz model, if you want to buy Santro, I prefer you to buy its Asta or Sportz model because, in these models, Hyundai gives you so many amazing features. കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

    വഴി achhar singh
    On: Mar 27, 2019 | 125 Views
  • Awesome Car

    It's a very good car but its width could be a little bit more, otherwise its the best.

    വഴി shashank kochar
    On: Mar 24, 2019 | 161 Views
  • Powerful Car.

    Best looking car in 2019. no compression with other brands. No.1 car Hyundai. Powerful AC, Powerful Engine. I purchased a Santro Era car on January 2019. no sound we going to 100+ speed.  കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

    വഴി anonymous
    On: Apr 06, 2019 | 27 Views
  • The Best Family.

    This car has some nice features like the touch screen is very smooth, the Bluetooth connection is good. The best family car.

    വഴി anonymous
    On: Apr 05, 2019 | 22 Views
  • Best Car.

    This all-new Santro is an amazing car in its category. If you want any car with a normal budget, easily maintainable, stylish, powerful, efficient then-new Santro will be your choice. I have bought Santro MAGNA CNG and no doubt it's great car in all respects in this segment . If someone drives new Santro I, then he can't even think about any other ...കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

    വഴി anonymous
    On: Apr 04, 2019 | 33 Views
  • Perfect Car.

    Hyundai Santro is very beautiful car its mileage is a very excellent and very comfortable car for a long drive. I think the world's best hatchback cars in the world. Santro is a very excellent and fast cooling. No worry about safety features air beg is fell full safety and child safety is good. കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

    വഴി anonymous
    On: Mar 23, 2019 | 23 Views
  • for Era

    An unbias review

    I don't know why the car is named 'Santro', while it's too different from the previous one. Nice interior and exterior, spacious, heavy body, comfortable ride. In short, it's the best car in this segment. About the price, one can go for lower versions and can install the required amenities from outside to match the budget. കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

    വഴി swadesh agarwal
    On: Mar 20, 2019 | 783 Views
  • Great comfort

    Great car, good comfort, good mileage, and comfort driving we are getting in this car. So, overall this is the best car in its segment.

    വഴി kumar vipul
    On: Mar 20, 2019 | 84 Views
  • My Dream Car

    The new Hyundai Santro is my dream car, merina blue is my favorite color. This car's engine is so silent and drives very smooth. Rear A/C is excellent.

    വഴി tanmoy dutta
    On: Mar 19, 2019 | 199 Views
  • Looks and Technology

    I like Hyundai cars. Because of the technology and looks which is both in the Hyundai Cars. So that I loved it.

    വഴി anil rajgor
    On: Mar 18, 2019 | 102 Views
  • Best Family Car

    Quality and design of the car are good, the price is awesome and it has some additional features that many of the cars do not have at this price point.

    വഴി dinesh kumar
    On: Mar 18, 2019 | 65 Views
  • Very Low Maintenance

    I am having a very good experience with my Hyundai Santro xing.

    വഴി sashibhusan mishra
    On: Mar 17, 2019 | 94 Views
  • Awesome car for a family

    Very good car for a family in space and comfort. Love the mileage and pick up.

    വഴി naavi singh
    On: Mar 17, 2019 | 176 Views
  • Value for money India's Car

    A great car with a nice interior and exterior finish. I have been using for the last 7 years. Mine is old Santro xing GLS.

    വഴി user
    On: Mar 16, 2019 | 58 Views
  • Spacious Car.

    It is a very comfortable car and I love this car. The all-new Santro is a spacious car.

    വഴി anonymous
    On: Mar 22, 2019 | 20 Views
  • My Dream Car.

    Hyundai new Santro is my dream car, blue is my favorite Colour, this car engine is so silent and drives very smooth, rear ac is excellent.

    വഴി anonymous
    On: Mar 20, 2019 | 13 Views
  • My Car and My Life

    Great car from Hyundai. Santro has been a legacy for the company and it returns with a great new design. Great Car.

    വഴി sathvik raghunath
    On: Mar 16, 2019 | 89 Views
  • Good features.

    Big car in the inside, the small car from outside. Best car for ladies.good design, beautiful interior and best driving performance, value for money.new Hyundai Santro Sportz AMT. കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

    വഴി prasobh
    On: Mar 16, 2019 | 119 Views
  • for Magna CNG BSIV

    Me with my Santro

    It is the best car with full of features. And it is the best car for medium class families. Also in terms of qualities, it is the best quality car.

    വഴി sam
    On: Mar 14, 2019 | 138 Views
  • My favourite car

    My favourite car and my first car was Santro Xing. Driving is very enjoyable, the experience is very lovely but the car is not safe.

    വഴി rahul
    On: Mar 12, 2019 | 120 Views
  • Santro features

    In this budget, Santro is providing best features such as best AC, interior and best color option.

    വഴി yogesh kumar
    On: Mar 12, 2019 | 82 Views
  • for Asta BSIV

    Best small car

    It has been a wonderful experience while driving this car. Also, excellent in its segment.

    വഴി sanjoy ghosh
    On: Mar 12, 2019 | 36 Views
  • for Asta BSIV

    Best Family Car

    It is the best family car. Superb space, features, rear camera, speed control, fuel efficient, low maintenance etc. 

    വഴി roshan singhverified Verified Buyer
    On: Mar 11, 2019 | 44 Views
  • Small Family Car

    Recently I brought Hyundai Sports CNG variant and It's good for a small family. Its mileage is good at around 28 KMPL.

    വഴി rajesh
    On: Mar 11, 2019 | 48 Views
  • Cost effective.

    This car made me happy and is very cost-effective.

    വഴി kumar
    On: Mar 16, 2019 | 29 Views
  • Best Budget Car.

    Such a wonderful car Santro. It has lots of specifications in a low budget My favorite car and famous India's favorite family car tallboy.

    വഴി anonymous
    On: Mar 14, 2019 | 22 Views
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