Of The BEST SUV ! Above Features!! ൽ

On Of The BEST SUV ! Above Features!!

I have Kicks 1.3 Turbo CVT XV Premium. Please be aware that I wasn't even aware of Kicks hence earlier have booked Seltos HTX+ and was waiting for 2 months out of 3 1/2 months waiting period. After accidentally stepped inside Autorelli Nissan to see Magnite but ended up test driving CVT Kicks! That changed the whole game! The driving dynamics, ride quality, intelligent I-SVPT suspension, traction control, dynamic stability control, hill start assist, 17-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels, tinted glasses (it wasn't there in Hyundai and CRETA at ? 17-?18 lakhs cars), bigger dimensions, graphite superior body structure, Mercedes Benz Engine mated with efficient CVT gearbox gives me fuel efficiency around 19kmpl on highways and around 12kmpl in heavy city traffic conditions. The stock sound system seems to be far superior and inside the cabin, there is very minimal noise you could hear from outside hence all sorts of music notes can be heard easily. NissanConnect, NFC Keyless entry is cool. Nissan Kicks has Auto-On & Auto-Off Engine option which really helpful in traffic lights waiting, saving fuel by running in the battery. AC is very good and even during a long trip with 4-5 people, the AC performance is good. Boot space is very huge for a normal family trip. So far Autorelli Nissan is responding to my queries and hence I don't see a big issue wrt support or service.

വഴി ram
On: sep 30, 2021 | 631 Views
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Jan 19, 2022 11:05:32 PM

Hey Rami have seen some reviews of Nissan kicks CVT version. Have you heard about it or checked about that during your buying process

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    arun kumar
    Dec 26, 2021 1:06:14 PM

    hey Ram, thanks for posting your review. I am also planning to buy Kiks CVT. Could you please confirm that highway mileage is 19 kmpl ? I'm a bit holding back just because of this mileage aspect.

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    ram s
    Dec 27, 2021 10:02:12 PM

    Hi Arun, Greetings! Highway mileage is 19 kmpl with light footed driving (2000 rpm & 100 KMPH speed). I am yet to finish running hence keeping light footed.

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      • I Would Very Strongly Recommend Nissan Kicks Especially The 1.3 C...

        I have a Kicks 1.3 Automatic. Pros: Build Quality is awesome for both outside and inside. The plastics feel tough and built to the last suspension can handle broken roads...കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

        വഴി mayank
        On: Oct 01, 2021 | 1774 Views
      • On Of The BEST SUV ! Above Features!!

        I have Kicks 1.3 Turbo CVT XV Premium. Please be aware that I wasn't even aware of Kicks hence earlier have booked Seltos HTX+ and was waiting for 2 months out of 3 1/2 m...കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

        വഴി ram
        On: Sep 30, 2021 | 631 Views
      • Underrated But Bang For The Buck

        After a lot of research in the mid-size SUV segment. Took Kicks 1.3 Turbo XV in June. Pros: Punchy engine, larger dimensions in every way. Unique looks, highway...കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

        വഴി anonymous
        On: Jan 18, 2022 | 104 Views
      • I Purchased The Car And Am Happy With The Choice

        I purchased the car on the 15th of this month and have already driven 1000kms. It is a very stable car and provides a good pliant ride. The 1.5-litre petrol is very ...കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

        വഴി raunak kumar das
        On: Oct 30, 2021 | 328 Views
      • Cheap Car At Premuim

        I have owned this car for 2.5 years, and my experience has been a very bad one. 1. Dealer network is almost non-existent in many states. I had a hard time trying to servi...കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

        വഴി velocity viper
        On: Oct 15, 2021 | 777 Views
      • Great Value For Money

        Before 10 months of buying Kicks 1.3CVT Turbo. Smooth, comfortable ride on highways and city. Plush interiors. Good mileage of 16 on the highway and 12kmpl...കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

        വഴി mehul desai
        On: Oct 02, 2021 | 210 Views
      • Bold And Beautiful

        Bold and beautiful. Very comfortable on lin ride as it is spacious from its rival.Good in build as well. Also got a good score in Global NCAP.

        വഴി ajeet maurya
        On: Nov 03, 2021 | 48 Views
      • Simply Superb

        Simply superb. The best in High way driving. Built quality is awesome. Totally awesome.

        വഴി bhaskar kudupudi
        On: Sep 07, 2021 | 33 Views
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