Average Car.

Average Car.

I booked a car on 31.10.2020 without a test drive but I canceled it after a test drive on 3.11.2020 bad points 1. The back camera is the worst quality. very blur, no clear vision. 2. The car body especially bumpers are very poor quality. it can be pressed with the hand. 3. They gave a lot of functions like snow. mud. etc. They are just for show off. they don't work. 4. The quality of all interior parts is not good. look all cheap Chinese products are used. 5. The car is not smooth in driving. turbo does not work at speed of 20. if you gave race immediately. car stops and then turbo works. 6. The car gives jerk when automatic gear shifting which is not there in other automatic transmission cars. 7. Auto parking assist does not work in India. Even if there is a lot of parking space. this function does not work properly and maybe it is not adaptive with Indian conditions. 8. Suspension is not great for Indian roads. as car shakes at high speed. Best parts, 1. The front looks are good. 2. Loaded with hundreds of features that are of no use. 3. A.C quality is very good. cooling is good. 4. The car is very spacious. especially captain seats are very special. 5. Touch screen is very big. rest everyone has its own choice, this is my opinion.

വഴി jaspreet singh
On: nov 04, 2020 | 8436 Views
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എംജി gloster ഉപയോക്തൃ അവലോകനങ്ങൾ

അടിസ്ഥാനപെടുത്തി70 ഉപയോക്തൃ അവലോകനങ്ങൾ
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  • Looks (17)
  • Comfort (15)
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  • സഹായകമാണ്
  • Best Car

    It's a great deal with the best in segment features with a classic music console and hi-tech gear knob such an eye-catching beauty it is. MG did a great job in ...കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

    വഴി maninder goyal
    On: May 16, 2022 | 151 Views
  • Very GoodSUVFor The Family

    The MG Gloster is the best family SUV. It has amazing features and it's a comfortable SUV. And the most important thing is it looks amazing. 

    വഴി arpit tomar
    On: May 11, 2022 | 42 Views
  • Amazing Features

    The mg Gloster is the best family SUV. It has amazing features and it's a comfortable SUV. And the most important thing is it looks amazing.

    വഴി tushat
    On: May 06, 2022 | 36 Views
  • Overall This Car Is Superb

    Overall this car is superb. In look, maintenance, comfort, mileage and interior design that's the best car in my view. Go for it.

    വഴി subhendu kumar singh
    On: Apr 26, 2022 | 63 Views
  • Good Car

    This car looks very beautiful. This car comport is very excellent and super, Mg Gloster looks very costly car.

    വഴി rishi
    On: Apr 24, 2022 | 59 Views
  • Glossy Gloster.

    Overall Glossy experience. Huge car , fully featured, huge and value for money. As compare other car of its size, it stand alone. King size Gloster.

    വഴി shubham കൂടുതൽ
    On: Apr 20, 2022 | 43 Views
  • Segment King

    This car is a segment king, with awesome comfort and the interior, a very luxurious car. MG Gloster is great for off-roading as well. 

    വഴി jagannath pesnia
    On: Apr 16, 2022 | 33 Views
  • Good Safety And Comfort

    This is the best car in this segment. It is the best car in features and comfort technology. The sunroof, airbags, and design lights are also good.

    വഴി harsh pawar
    On: Apr 16, 2022 | 40 Views
  • എല്ലാം gloster അവലോകനങ്ങൾ കാണുക
MG Gloster
70 അവലോകനങ്ങൾ
Rs.31.50 - 39.50 ലക്ഷം*
*എക്സ്ഷോറൂം വില ന്യൂ ഡെൽഹി
കാണു മെയ് ഓഫർ

Compare Variants of എംജി gloster

  • ഡീസൽ
gloster sharp 7-str Currently Viewing
Rs.37,92,800*എമി: Rs.84,694
12.4 കെഎംപിഎൽഓട്ടോമാറ്റിക്
  • gloster super 7-str Currently Viewing
    Rs.31,49,800*എമി: Rs.70,515
    14.5 കെഎംപിഎൽഓട്ടോമാറ്റിക്
  • Rs.34,49,800*എമി: Rs.77,130
    14.5 കെഎംപിഎൽഓട്ടോമാറ്റിക്
  • gloster sharp 6-str Currently Viewing
    Rs.37,92,800*എമി: Rs.84,694
    12.4 കെഎംപിഎൽഓട്ടോമാറ്റിക്
  • gloster savvy 7-str Currently Viewing
    Rs.39,49,800*എമി: Rs.88,162
  • gloster savvy 6-str Currently Viewing
    Rs.39,49,800*എമി: Rs.88,162
    12.4 കെഎംപിഎൽഓട്ടോമാറ്റിക്

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  • എംജി 3
    എംജി 3
    Rs.6.00 ലക്ഷംകണക്കാക്കിയ വില
    പ്രതീക്ഷിക്കുന്ന ലോഞ്ച്: jul 01, 2022
  • എംജി marvel എക്സ്
    എംജി marvel എക്സ്
    Rs.30.00 ലക്ഷംകണക്കാക്കിയ വില
    പ്രതീക്ഷിക്കുന്ന ലോഞ്ച്: ഏപ്രിൽ 01, 2023
  • എംജി rc-6
    എംജി rc-6
    Rs.18.00 ലക്ഷംകണക്കാക്കിയ വില
    പ്രതീക്ഷിക്കുന്ന ലോഞ്ച്: jul 15, 2023
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