More Than You Expect Within A Tidy Budget

More Than You Expect Within A Tidy Budget

There is hardly anything left to complain about this product. I never imagined such a car will come out anytime at the entry level hatchback segments. Its SUV-like style makes it more impressive. From the front, it looks bold and aggressive and from the rear, it looks sporty and stylish, much more SUV like rather than a simple hatchback. This is because of its curvy chrome touches. Here are some noteworthy points to follow on the practicality, features, specifications of this which have really outclassed its competitors.   i) Boot space is 300 litres which is massive compared to Alto (177 litres), Eon (215 litres). Clearly, it can swallow all the family luggage with ease. Hence for going on a long trip with the family, kwid is the most suitable one.   ii) Widest rear seat among its competitors which results in the best three people accommodating place, also it can accommodate an occasional fourth person as well; unlike alto (kwid's biggest rival) where even three people do not get enough legroom, headroom, knee room, shoulder room etc. No doubt Kwid has the most spacious rear seat.   iii) Kwid's cabin and the dashboard are just awesome. It gives so premium feeling that you never feel you're inside an entry-level car segment. It comes up with 7 inch LCD touchscreen infotainment system, navigation, digital instrument cluster, Bluetooth connectivity and after all the airy cabin and good vision on the road.   iv) Of course, mileage is an important factor for the budget oriented cars and surprisingly Kwid has shined here as well and left its rivals away behind. It has the best in class ARAI certified mileage 22.89kmpl (city) / 25.17kmpl (highway) which is almost 2 kmpl more than the Alto, the second most fuel efficient car.   v) Kwid has a better ground clearance (180 mm) which again has a practical importance as per as the Indian road condition is concerned. Not only that it can absorb bumps and potholes more easily due to its higher ground clearance.   vi) Its longer wheelbase (2422 mm) gives it excellent manoeuvrability and high-speed stability.   vii) In terms of safety, the Kwid provides a driver side airbag as optional, which doesn't exist in many of its rivals.   viii) Kwid has a significantly larger power to weight & torque to weight ratio, thanks to its lighter weight (50 kg lighter than alto) and compact aerodynamic looks.   ix) Kwid easily catches up the speed and reaches triple digit figure in just 14-15 seconds. Also it can a top speed close to 150 kmph which is again one of the best in its class.   x) Last but not the least its compact SUV look makes it more appealing, presentable to the customers' eyes. Its rivals are almost non-existing in terms of looks (except Hyundai Eon which is almost 60k costlier).   Though it has some shortcomings too especially little turbo lag below 2000 rpm, smaller fuel tank capacity (28 litres), Rear view mirror is very basic and outdated, plastic quality is low etc. but it actually gives much more than a customer can bargain for. Also, Alto has a little edge over Kwid in terms of after sales service, especially in the remote areas.   Otherwise, it's no brainier to go for Renault Kwid. It outclasses its rivals in every aspect imaginable.  

വഴി abhishek mondal
On: nov 02, 2016 | 44 Views
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