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How is the performance of Chevrolet Beat?

Chevrolet Beat is one of the finest hatchbacks in the country, the car comes with all three fuel options; diesel, petrol and LPG. The car has been offered with two engine options, 1.2-liter four cylinder petrol engine, which is finely tuned for optimum fuel efficiency and power. The petrol engine of the car is designed for city roads and traffic and it does its duty with ease. The car is perfectly silent and stable even at low revs but once you come in the mid ranges you miss the punch. And when you shift to the 5th gear, the car comes as a performer and it drives well around 100kmph. The NVH level is quite low and in-line four adjustment makes it vibe free. The Chevrolet Beat LPG option also comes with the same 1.2-litre engine and it performs well with LPG too, but the common problem with the LPG is the lack of the power and refinement. On the other hand, the Beat diesel comes with a 1.0-litre XSDE SMARTECH engine, which comes with fixed geometry turbocharger. The diesel engine is also finely tuned as the petrol one and designed for cities and it also works fine on low revs. The turbo of the car kicks once it reaches in the mid ranges around 1650 rpm mark and the car goes well upto 3000 rpm mark. The car is quite silent and there is a very low NVH even after its 3-cylinder adjustment and the car performs well at both low and high revs along with the mid ranges, the only thing, which is missing is that there is no zest or punch. In short, we can say that all the three versions of the car perform well and provide better fuel efficiency along with the drivability.

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