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Tell me about Skoda Octavia interiors?

Skoda Octavia boast premium interiors with top notch quality and ample features to soak you in its luxury. Skoda is renowned for its quality and refinement that it uses in making its cars and Octavia is no exception. Interior of Octavia welcomes you with its dual tone black and beige color theme. Dashboard exhibits great carving, made out of sharp dividing lines, compact A/C vents louver. Central console gets one of the best infotainment system in its class. Round dials for A/C controls lends a retro feel to the insides. Multi-function steering gets the tilt and reach adjustment also it make navigating through the infotainment system easy as it gets vital controls. There is an elegant driver information cluster. Door panels are decorated by piano black inserts that accentuates the richness of cabin. Seat are so designed to provide maximum comfort, one gets optimum back and thigh support. The rear passenger comfort is taken good care of by generous amount of headroom and legroom. Adding to more convenience is the glove box chiller could keep cool one or two soft drink cans. Another attraction in this cockpit is the DSG embossed gear shifter, that instantaneously grabs your attention, indicating the dual-clutch trickery in the gearbox.

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  • kushaq
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