Good vehicle by design

Good vehicle by design

I am using KWID RXT Easy R (AMT) for the last two years and 5 months. I opted for full option, at that time Climber was not released & this was the appealing option for an AMT vehicle. Still, Kwid leading the segment by these aspects. 1. Aesthetics (None to compare ) 2. Cheapest AMT ( None to compare) 3. Milage (Celerio CNG) 4. Price ( lowest in this segment) 5. Good ground clearance But all these pros comes with below cons. 1. Reliability 2. Quality 3. Comfort I will explain the above cons with by these experiences. 1. This comes with a 3 cylinder engine. All other vehicles in this segment with a 4 cylinder which is mechanically more balanced hence produce less vibration so less noise too. 2. Renault Kwid offers the least cost AMT (Automated Manual Transmission). Believe me gearless is the future. You can experience this because in the future all vehicles will be electric. But Kwid AMT is just ok, meet requirements. Easy to use and give comfort. But beware if you give for wallet parking because if you won't operate it properly, Kwid ECU locks the car thinking it as a car theft :). So use it carefully, I called roadside assistance (good service, in city limit technician, reach you within an hour), two times to rectify an issue with AMT. Also gear change you could feel. Crawl feature added for the new version, which is good for city drive. 3. Horn got damaged while I was returning from Chennai to Bangalore at 7 pm. So not so reliable for the long journey. Even though for comparison - I took the risk and drive this for at least 10 trips which long 7 hours of continuous run, without any noticeable issues. 4. Fuel gauge goes wrong if you tilt the vehicle sideway by approximately 35 degrees while passing trough slops - Say parking. 5. Milage varies between 14 to 18 in the city based on drive condition & 20 for highways. 6. Engine oil sump made up of some material having similar properties compared to the hard plastic, so easy to get damaged. Unfortunately, it got damaged for me, service says I have to pay for it from insurance :( So overall a good vehicle by design, good looking & best suited for city drive if you choose an AMT.

വഴി anoop taverified Verified Buyer
On: jul 28, 2019 | 3213 Views
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റെനോ ക്വിഡ് 2015-2019 ഉപയോക്തൃ അവലോകനങ്ങൾ

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  • Mileage (381)
  • Performance (191)
  • Looks (445)
  • Comfort (303)
  • Engine (223)
  • Interior (170)
  • Power (166)
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    വഴി praveen verified Verified Buyer
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    വഴി ravi kumawat verified Verified Buyer
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Renault KWID 2015-2019
Rs.2.67 Lakh - 4.94 ലക്ഷം*
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aditya atholi
Jul 31, 2019 6:43:26 PM

I own RXT(O), So far all good, performance, design, space, comfort, loaded features all plus points in this segment at this price you can not ask for more, if you want all the features, no issues.

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    rajesh kumar
    Jul 30, 2019 8:36:56 AM

    Iam using KWID from 2016 Jan for me it's common man's SUV

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