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Reviewing റെനോ ഡസ്റ്റർ

Reviewing Renault Duster

Hey, friends, I'm back with my 2nd review, that is the Renault Duster. So, let's start with it.  Look and Style: With a bit outrageous look, it's the right looking Sports Utility Vehicle in its class. The style of the car is very sporty and its very cosy, mostly the cruising people buy this car.  Comfort: The comfort level is superb, with the five seats in this car, this can be told as the mini-SUV. A 4-5 hr of the ride can be easily done in this car, but after that, it is upon the passenger to take a break. Pickup: With the cross engine of Nissan-Renault-Dacia, the pickup of the car is awesome at 100kms/7.8sec. The car runs like a cloud on the road.  Mileage: Its a bit matter of concern as the mileage is 10-14kmpl, the Cross-over engine of the Duster is weak at this point. The company has compromised the mileage for the speed.  Best Features:  1- Speed. 2- Brand Power. 3- Comfort. 4- Value for money. Needs to improve:  1- Mileage up to some extent. 2- Changes in the desk. 3-  Customer service (As it lacks the dealers in India, It will create a problem as parts of the car are not available easily). Experience/ My view: I will recommend this car as its best in its range. The basic safety of any car is present in here, as its a European car, International standards are followed, and ABS-class-2.1 is provided in the basic model with the Air-Bags for the driving seat. Quality standards are followed and a strong car is built. This small SUV is enough to beat Mahindra's Scorpio and Xylo, Force One and Premier's SUV range. 

വഴി urp
On: ജനുവരി 01, 2012 | 23778 Views
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test vg
Jan 12, 2017 10:34:55 AM

Best Vehicle

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    Feb 15, 2015 7:37:14 AM

    I am using duster car mailage 18.5 came driving comfort very good

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      prashant singh
      Feb 1, 2015 8:10:44 AM

      is renault duster 7 seater also?

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        • Vibrant ride

          Renault Duster is a very good vehicle having spacious inside, boot space is comfortable and luggage place was very wide and travelling long will be thrilled and vibrant. ...കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

          വഴി r.k.adhikariverified Verified Buyer
          On: Jun 26, 2019 | 190 Views
        • Super mileage and 6 gear car..

          Excellent in class.. with stability and 4 wheel drive.. the negative are the advanced features like the small touch screen, 2 airbags only. Still very good car for City d...കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

          വഴി nibin
          On: Jul 04, 2019 | 130 Views
        • It's worth for the amount and suspension also good

          Good Drive and smooth. If you go on a long drive you feel a better experience on Renault duster 85ps RXS.

          വഴി lenin babu
          On: Jul 06, 2019 | 68 Views
        • Best performance car

          Quite satisfied with Renault Duster AMT, the most economic SUV in the Indian market. Better performance than Creta. Looking better than Terrano.

          വഴി debasis biswal verified Verified Buyer
          On: Jul 05, 2019 | 53 Views
        • Good car but average service

          Car is quite good, everything that I expected of it, but the service needs to improve a lot, Renault should look into that.

          വഴി harish sreethuverified Verified Buyer
          On: Jul 05, 2019 | 36 Views
        • Thanks Renault

          Very nice car for a long drive...I love it's driving and comfortable sitting and road grip...Thank you, Renault.

          വഴി mani kantan verified Verified Buyer
          On: Jul 05, 2019 | 38 Views
        • An adventure ride for people

          I never faced and the problem also the driving experience is fantastic in Renault Duster, much comfortable and has good mileage around 17 to 18 km/hr, the best of the Ren...കൂടുതല് വായിക്കുക

          വഴി nitinverified Verified Buyer
          On: Jul 04, 2019 | 82 Views
        • Duster the best

          Excellent for driving and safety. Lacks premium inner. Decent mileage and low cost of maintenance. Driving duster since 2014 and clocked 100000 km.

          വഴി jeevanverified Verified Buyer
          On: Jul 01, 2019 | 47 Views
        • എല്ലാം ഡസ്റ്റർ 2016-2019 അവലോകനങ്ങൾ കാണുക
        Renault Duster 2016-2019
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