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  • rajesh asked on 6 Sep 2020

    What to buy , Jeep limited plus diesel , MG hector plus petroleum\/ diesel top manual varient, creta diesel \/1.4 l\/ turbo

    • Cardekho Experts
    • on 7 Sep 2020

    The Compass delivers on critical fronts like handling, off-road ability and stunning design. However, you do pay a premium for that badge and compromise on space. So, if you want better power performance and often drive in bad road conditions, you may go for Jeep Compass. Hector Plus is a 6-seater car. It has the same diesel engine of Jeep Compass. If you want a spacious car for you family of 6 and want modern features and a tech-laden car, you may go for MG Hector. The Hyundai Creta is clearly an impressive compact SUV. It is spacious, comfortable, loaded with features, easy to drive and offered with powerful petrol and diesel engine options. It does have some shortcomings like the polarising design or the lack of features like front parking sensors and telescopic adjust for the steering. But other than that, it is hard to fault the Hyundai Creta and it comes across as a well-rounded product. It would be a great pick if you want better interior quality and smooth drive quality. You may compare all these cars accordingly. Do take a test drive in order to get better clarity. Check out authorised dealership details.

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